Water cooling treatments provided

  • Feedwater pre-treatment
  • Corrosion control
  • Scale control
  • Microbial control
  • Fouling control
  • pH Control
  • Foam control
  • Side-stream filtration & desalination
  • Cleaning & passivation
  • Closed-loop system treatment
  • Open-recirculating system treatment
  • Cycle optimisation
  • Blowdown treatment and recovery
  • Heavy duty diesel engine coolants
  • Real-time monitoring & control
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Chemical dosing prevents damage to the cooling sytem and minimises health risks

Cooling towers, along with other water systems used in industrial operations, are prone to fouling, corrosion and contamination when exposed to water that has not been adequately treated. This results in the disruption of cooling tower operations and in turn results in disruption to your business. Savecom provides industrial water treatment dosing to remove carbonates, chromates and zinc as well as reduce keep water depletion to a minimum.

Cooling tower chemical treatments reduce scaling and fouling to ensure continuous water flow. The circulating water system is also treated to prevent bacterial growths such as legionella, typically associated with legionnaires’ disease.

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