Ensure your chillers perform optimally

To ensure chillers are able to transfer heat properly, their heat transfer surfaces need to be free from contaminants. Our chemical treatments include the removal of:

  • scale
  • sludge
  • biological growth

The rate at which contamination occurs depends on the overall quality of the water in the system. Even a thin layer of contamination can negatively affect performance of the chillers.

All chiller circulating water contains contaminants. Regularly treating chiller water will help prevent the build up of contaminants on heat transfer surfaces. For this reason, Savecom will assist in providing a thorough water analysis, on-site deliveries and servicing.

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We provide assessments and laboratory analysis to create the best treatment program

Don’t take chemical-treatments lightly. As a manager, you should always look for services and products that look after your equipment and prolong their operational functionality as well as maintain high performance. Savecom’s technicians will establish a treatment program applicable to your system and ensures the correct level of chemicals are used in order to prevent system failure whilst keeping the water free from contaminants.

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