Comprehensive lab work performed on water samples

Savecom provides extensive chemical testing services on water samples obtained while treating your boiler and cooling systems. Testing includes:

  • water analyses
  • deposit analyses
  • corrosion coupon analyses
  • ion exchange resin analysis
  • membrane autopsies
  • metallographic failure analysis
  • scale tube blocking tests
  • corrosion tests
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Thorough testing that will ensure safety and optimal performance

Microbiology testing and analytical detection methods are used to identify and catalog micro-organisms present in water samples. A comprehensive Legionella risk assessment services are also provided.

Hydrocarbon labs all us to conduct portable electric desalter screening tests, crude oil and fuel oil stability testing, emulsion breaker testing, process scale and corrosion inhibitor evaluations, foamer and defoamer tests, chemical compatibility testing, flashpoint analysis and various solvent extractions.

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